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A scanning electron microscopic image of HIV. The glycoprotein complex on its surface enables the virus to attach to and fuse with target cells to initiate the infectious cycle.


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The Pacifying of HIV - One of the most deadly diseases in the world, HIV and its more advanced counterpart stage AIDS were estimated to be present in 35 million people in 2013. 1.5 million died in the same...Click through to read more


HIV Particles, TEM

HIV Particles, TEM Photographic Print by Ami Images at

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Gallery: 10 Stunning Science Visualizations

The 2010 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge: Human Immunodeficiency Virus


10 Best Awareness Advertisements Posters on HIV AIDS


World AIDS Day-Stunning Image of HIV Invading a Cell - The image shows HIV virus (green x-wing fighter) travelling down the microtubules (in red) towards the cell’s nucleus (the blue main reactor), where the viral rampage causes havoc, either killing the cell directly, causing the cell to kill itself (boom), or the body's immune system to kill the cell (tie-ghters turn on the Death Star to stop the rebel alliance).