BBC Interactive History Website for Kids- LOVE this! just checked out the greek part. has interactive activities for the students. Would work well for a search and find vocabulary project. (mythological vocabulary is a 4th grade standard in georgia)

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PEEL Your Paragraphs writing scaffold. Literacy mats. Particularly for extended writing in history or essays. Helps to make sure students can access at least Level 6 at Keys Stage 3 by explaining and evaluating.

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Here's an idea: Free French eBook and 5 French websites every French teachers should know!

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Revision stations! Awesome list of new, fast paced revision techniques. Lots of ideas; and they're gcse science friendly!

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Solo Taxonomy for Self/Peer Assessment - Solo Taxonomy with levels (for Medicine through Time History - though this can be adapted). Student's self/ peer assess work and place their feedback in the relevant block. When peer assessing, I ask student's to give advice on how to get to the next level.

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5 Free History Websites for Homeschooled Middle School Kids (great websites for including all of your kids too) @ Tina's Dynamic Homeschool Plus

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