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Take Your Pick - TV show with Michael Miles. Remember the "yes/no interlude"? If you said yes or no to any quick question Michael Miles asked you to try to catch you out the gong would be hit and you were out of the next part of the show.


Spectacular photographs show the moment Niagara Falls FROZE

Niagara Falls fact. It's true, there have been winters so cold in Canada that Niagara Falls froze. You can see pictures in the historic Brock Hotel in Niagara Falls (along with a picture of Marilyn Monroe visiting the Falls!!)


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20 Authors Who Wrote Under A Pseudonym #infographic

20 Authors Who Wrote Under A Pseudonym #infographic

I'm so angry for what it said about Voltaire. He wrote under a pseudonyme because of the monarchy and Louis 14 not because of a poet. Sorry but i'm french and it's annoying to see that because he was a great writer.


I find this pin interesting not so much for the obvious message, but because it starts with the framing of abortion and then moves on to the framing of historically significant men. Apparently we can't talk about abortion in ways that center women and women's experiences; we have to use this cliché "abortion is wrong what if your aborted baby is Beethoven" structure. And I have to ask this person: would abortion be framed as okay if your aborted baby was Hitler?


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What Period In History Do You Really Belong In?

You got: Ancient Egypt You’re cooler than Cleopatra and terrific as Tutankhamun. You’re a dreamer who thinks big and acts bigger. After all, a life of luxury is grand, but people remember you in the afterlife by the size of your pyramid! like katy perry's dark horse music video so cool


Year-End (or Birthday) Interview Questions for Kids to Answer

Download the free printable of interview questions for kids to answer at the end of the year or at their birthdays to capture precious memories.


‘Black Inventors Match Game’ Available on: Android and iOS This app, for younger children around ages 7-12, features the characters Myles and Ayesha as interactive teachers. They will help kids learn about Black inventors and their inventions, such as the doorknob, traffic light, lemon squeezer and many more. Then users can test their knowledge with …