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Malay State of Penang 1957 SG 49 Queen Elizabeth and Tiger Fine Used

Malay State of Penang 1957 Queen Elizabeth Tiger Fine Used SG 49 Scott 50 Other Asian and British Commonwealth Stamps HERE!

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This looks like a nitemare. I would literally go insane if I had to live in something like this.

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An Indian soldier gives the "V" sign from the port-hole of a ship as he arrives at Singapore, Dec. 1941. Indian soldiers were all volunteers during WWII and became the largest volunteer army in history, rising to over 2.5 million men in August 1945. ☚

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Malay State of Malacca 1960 SG 55 Tiger Fine Mint

Malay State of Malacca 1960 SG 55 Tiger Fine Mint SG 55 Scott 61 Other British Commonwealth stamps for sale

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A RAF Avro Vulcan bomber aircraft at the RAAF base Butterworth, Malaysia.The potential of these long range aircraft were a considerable deterrence during the Confrontation period from 1963 to 1966.

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Frederick John Want, left, pictured with Charles Freeman in Changi prisoner of war camp, Singapore, shortly after Japan surrendered to the Allies.

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Changi Prison, and other locations from the life of Eric Lomax, a.k.a. "The Railway Man", can be found in this collection of films:

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