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The best historic pizza restaurants in New York

Where's the best pizza restaurant in New York? We've done the research (someone had to) and discovered NYC's finest pizzerias - all with a little dash of history thrown in.

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Two crowns, 3,000 gems, an 18ft robe and a recycled dress: Queen Elizabeth II looks regal alongside Prince Philip at her 60th State Opening of Parliament

Queen Elizabeth II attended the 2013 State Opening of Parliament wearing The Imperial State Crown weighs over 2lb and contains 3,000 gems

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31 Works Of Art We Can All Appreciate

<b>You don't need an art history degree or an elevated sense of pretension to "get" these amazing pieces.</b> Someone needs to curate an art gallery specifically devoted to the subject matters of rainbows, pizza, and cats.

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L.S. Lowry, Man Lying on a Wall, 1957 (The Lowry Collection, Salford ©The Estate of L.S. Lowry)

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Gutbusting foods: The world's biggest burger, hot dog, meatball, cupcake, pizza, sausage and more

Ever wondered about the origins of pizza, everyone's favourite comfort food? Look no further than our latest blog post!

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