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I pinned this to my Americana board because I think this represents American culture and history because America was the one to pioneer into the fashion world and come up with jeans for the working man and its also funny to see how much jeans have evolved in America back then they were for working men like farmers, miners, ect and they were so cheap, you could get them for a dollar and some cents but now famous people wear them now and now they can cost up to hundreds of dollars.

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The Sexiest Jeans Ever

Farrah Fawcett hopped on a skateboard for a 1976 episode of her hit detective series, Charlie's Angels.

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Extra Credit

Vogue/Condé Nast Publications Erwin Blumenthal’s photograph on Vogue’s cover in January 1950. Art Director Alexander Liberman.

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Tous les matins du monde sont sans retour

Elsa Schiaparelli - my favourite surrealist fashion the golden hair sleeve on this 1937 embroidered piece.

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Cool Cats and Tom Boys: Ken Russell's 'The Last of the Teddy Girls'

Elsie, 15, and Rose Hendon with Mary Toovey and Jean Rayner, 14, in front of the Seven Feathers Club in Edenham Street, North Kensington.

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Jean Harlow. In the 1930s, dresses again became floor length in comparison to the short dresses of the 1920s. The waistline came back to its natural position.

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Evening dress

Evening dress, Paris, 1924-1928, silk satin embroidered with metallic thread. The Victoria & Albert Museum.

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