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Howard Terpning : Sioux Flag Carrier. Absolutely beautiful. The patched pattern of the horse and the tension in the body of the warrior.

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Create a Tiranga Craft: The Flag of India

Tactile "Flag of India" from lentils, split peas and rice, plus the meaning & symbolism behind the flag

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1886 British Empire Map. The detailed figures on the sides show the different cultures in the various British territories

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The partition

The partition of the Indian territory during the 1800s. The British territories, the border lines and the Cabinet Mission Plan. By Laura Canali for Heartland. #map #india

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The Caves of Altamira caves Spanish are famous for their rock paintings of the Upper Paleolithic depicting wild mammals and human hands. They are located near Santillana del Mar in Cantabria, 30 kilometers west of Santander. These caves were included among the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. In 2008 the name of the capital was changed from "Caves of Altamira" in "Paleolithic Cave Art of Northern Spain" due to the addition of 17 other caves. (Jorge Escamilla)

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native americans tribes | ... look at the flags and histories of 183 native american tribes

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In the 1910, the total population of North American Indians was about 400,000, down from about 18 -19 million in 1492

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