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1840 - 1873 Contraceptives and potions to cause miscarriage or “bringing down the menses” are openly, but euphemistically, advertised in the US.

"“never again” This image is one of the most powerful pro-choice images I’ve ever seen. When I saw it in the newspaper I immediately cut it out and hung it on my wall. This is not my image. I’m using it with permission from Arthur Newspaper

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1847 The American Medical Association is founded and immediately wages a campaign against midwives, contraception and abortion in state legislatures in the interest of dominating women’s health care and populating the west with non-immigrants. Very few women were admitted to medical schools.

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An interesting concept. One might wonder how this sort of practice could change the course of human history going forward...

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I find this pin interesting not so much for the obvious message, but because it starts with the framing of abortion and then moves on to the framing of historically significant men. Apparently we can't talk about abortion in ways that center women and women's experiences; we have to use this cliché "abortion is wrong what if your aborted baby is Beethoven" structure. And I have to ask this person: would abortion be framed as okay if your aborted baby was Hitler?

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The History of Abortion Is a History of Punishing Women. There were just as many abortions pre-Roe as there are today. The difference was women died.