1840 - 1873 Contraceptives and potions to cause miscarriage or “bringing down the menses” are openly, but euphemistically, advertised in the US.

It's a Vaginal gentleman, please let us ladies have a say....or at least be willing to let a panel of 7 women decide what to do with your penis.

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1847 The American Medical Association is founded and immediately wages a campaign against midwives, contraception and abortion in state legislatures in the interest of dominating women’s health care and populating the west with non-immigrants. Very few women were admitted to medical schools.

An interesting concept. One might wonder how this sort of practice could change the course of human history going forward...

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History of Abortion in the U.S. - Our Bodies Ourselves

Click - Debating Reproductive Rights - Reproductive Rights and Feminism, History of Abortion Battle, History of Abortion Debate, Roe v. Wade and Feminists

Learn about the Ancient History of Abortion...while I fall in the middle on the abortion issue,( I can see both sides to some extent) I would like to know as much about it as possible.

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