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Flags of the counties of England. Mine was Invicta, thr white horse rampant, for Kent. Growing up in the Weald of Kent I was a Kentish Maid rather than a Maid of Kent.


This image of the dark-skinned and black-eyed and haired Jesus is dated 530 CE, found in a church of Rome. This portrait of the face of Jesus is totally different from those of the Renaissance era.

from Brain Pickings

Oh, My Hand: Complaints Medieval Monks Scribbled in the Margins of Illuminated Manuscripts


An Original Depiction of Jesus, ca 100-400 A.D., Roman catacombs. The Christian catacombs are extremely important for the history of Early Christian art, as they contain the great majority of examples from before about 300AD, in fresco and sculpture, as well as gold glass medallions.


belonging to King Henry VIII (1491-1547) showing the heraldic badges of Henry and his first wife, Katherine of Aragon and the royal coat of arms; covered with shagreen added in 18th century; figures of Mars, Venus and Cupid; head of Christ; St. George and the dragon; Catherine of Aragon;16th (C16th) Writing box or table desk, probably painted by Lucas Hornebolte (c.1492-1544) c.1525-27 (walnut & oak with painted & gilded leather)


Wow, this actually seems to check out as accurate. (How did I not know this?) If anyone knows different, let me know.