Hispanic girl problems. That's why most hispanic kids don't grow up bratty, we know better lol

That's why most hispanic kids don't grow up bratty, we know better lol-idk why but this one made me laugh sooo hard

Hispanic Girl Problems

Hispanic Girl Problems I SOO get you, the sad part is sometimes i forget to day it in spanish so i say it mommy. but also do you get me when i say maaaa!

I have so many relatives like this. I just don't look related to most of them. I'm one of the few that has olive, yellowish skin. The rest are like bronze colored. So you can mainly see the Spanish or the Mexican Native American in them, but if you covered my face you would think I was Asian.

We puerto ricans come in every color. Yup " your Puerto Rican? Wow you don't look it" or asked but are you 100 percent Puerto Rican.

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Can't read it but I think it has to do with time and moments--wrong! That time when you start to think in two languages at the same time. Like when you don't notice that this in written in two languages because you can read them both.

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Mixed Girl Problems | Yeah, but you will realize our eyes and heights. Some of us look alike and some are not.

Lol, I remember people used to think my brother was my boyfriend when we were walking together on the streets. They thought we were an interracial couple hahahahahaha