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I really want to slap whomever made this. I don't know any weak hufflepuffs so what the heck? Most slytherines know love, narcissa lied to voldemorts face because of her love for her son, regulus drank that potion and sent kreacher back, prof slughorn has a love for his students, even if it is slightly selfish. And gryffindors value bravery, loyalty is a sign of the Hufflepuff house. But I do know we ravenclaw a can be a little stuffed up sometimes.<-- pinning for that amazing comment

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Hugh Jackman comes to life as his baddie Blackbeard in poster for Pan

Pretty pink: Rooney Mar, who is set to play Tiger Lily, wore a multi-coloured dress that featured feather sleeves, while playing pink eye shadow on her lids


Duke. of Suffolk (Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk). Henry's closest friend, he married Mary, the King's sister. The King banished him from court for a period after this, as Brandon did not seek his permission to marry Mary. However, he was eventually reinstated at court and was married to Mary, producing 4 children, until her death from Tuberculosis.

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And they all lived happily ever after – even Downton's Edith!

Giving her away: Robert proudly walked his daughter down the aisle at the close of the episode


A portrait of Phillip II (1527-1598), King of Spain. After Anthonis Mor, 1558. Philip's wife Mary I of England died the same year that this portrait was painted.

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Lady Jane Grey

The Streatham Portrait, discovered at the end of the century and believed to be a copy of a contemporary portrait of Lady Jane Grey. Feb 1554 Lady Jane Grey, the Queen of England for thirteen days, is beheaded on Tower Hill. She was barely 17 years old.

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Errol Flynn? He never had his wicked way with me, says Gone With The Wind star Olivia de Havilland #DailyMail