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The Red Sweat of Hippos by Yoko Saikawa et al.: Within a few minutes of perspiration, the colourless, viscous sweat of the hippopotamus gradually turns red, and then brown as the pigment polymerizes and may act as both an antibiotic and sunscreen. #Hippo #Sweat #Yoko_Saikawa


Why Hippos Appear To Sweat Blood

Do Hippos Sweat Blood? - Red Hippopotamus Sweat: The hippo mystified ancient Greeks because it appeared to sweat blood. Although hippos do sweat a red liquid, it isn't blood. The animals secrete a sticky liquid that acts as a sunscreen and topical antibiotic. Initially, hippo perspiration is colorless. As the viscous liquid polymerizes, it changes color to red and eventually brown. Droplets of perspiration resemble drops of blood, although hippo perspiration sticks to the animal's wet skin.

What an interesting tidbit, that hippos sweat red... and so often it's not blood, but their sweat that we see...

Did you know that hippos sweat red? Their sweat actually protects against sun damage and prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin. This properties probably evolved from the need to protect them from the harsh sunlight they spend their days in. It also helps to heal and prevent infection in wounds, which is useful in a species that fights as much as they do. Basically, they've evolved a colorful antibacterial sunscreen! Shutterfly | Science Is Awesome photo


Hippos can stand in the hot sun all day without getting a sunburn, and now researchers know why: a red-colored glandular secretion known as "hippo sweat" contains microscopic structures that scatter light, protecting the hefty mammals from burns, according to a new study.


A hippo's sweat acts as a sunblock, moisturizer and an anti-biotic Hippos secrete a reddish oily fluid – sometimes called pink sweat – that contains substances which act as water repellent, sunblock, skin moisturizer as well as an antibiotic