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...her thin body grooved to one side and the other as if she were a thread weaving through time and the day, and if you were having a good trip on good acid – not the brown stuff – you saw her weaving at the center of bright flashes as if the universe were snapping Kodak pictures... ('Up Jumps the Devil,' novel, Ecco /HarperCollins, www.mikepoorehome... )


Galaxy Canvas, originele abstract schilderij, abstracte Acryl schilderij, moderne huisinrichting, ruimte schilderen, hippie schilderij, originele canvas

Drops of Space, original abstract painting, abstract acrylic painting, modern home decor, space painting, hippie painting, original canvas


VOLKSWAGEN Camper Van ART VW ART Pop Art HANDPAINTED Original Handpainted Bespoke Canvas Art from The Kludoman Surf Co. #kombi


Dreamcatcher schilderen, ruimte schilderen, hippie schilderen, vrije geest, gypsy, boho, Boheemse kunst, rustieke schilderij, origineel schilderij op doek