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How To Get Rid Of Hips Dips (Ultimate 2017 Guide

Share this post Since lately we have been getting a lot of requests and questions from our subscribers and readers on how to get rid of hip dips. If you don’t know what hit dips are, they are the inward curves just below your hip bones on each side of your body. For some people … Read More →


I Just Want To Be Skinny. Thinspo. Ribs. Hip Bones. Flat Stomach. Why did I eat that ice cream tonight :(


Seriously, I worked so hard to get my hip bone visible and 2-3 weeks of holiday festivities made it totally disappear! Back to clean eating now so I can see them again. Collar bones and hip bones really make me feel like I'm doing it right, not the scale


I dont own this picture nor do I know the source. Audrey is my favorite type of thinspo. She's the epitome of perfection in every way possible.


I am to fat to have an eating disorder. But I still do. :( It's fucked. I struggle everyday and I'm still a cow. #Ed #ednos #promia