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Hindu Names For Boys

(prev. post - boy dressesd as the hindu god shiva) -- Me - Sophie dreams (for years) about a little boy named Max, "who's about 12 that looks like this but his earrings a little different and he's got white, braided in the back, hair." This image surprised me so I had to show Sophie!


Baby Girl Name: Kiran. Meaning: Star; Divine Light. Origin: Arabic; Hindu.


Whether you are looking for a traditional or model name in Asian countries. You can also find a unique list of baby names with meaning and etymology at

Motherszone shares a list of #babynames Choose from these names of Lord Krishna to find the perfect name for your baby boy.

In Hindu mythology this elephant headed god was the god of success and wealth, learning, etc, named Ganesh. He has the always helpful tendency to remove obstacles, making him pretty popular in Hinduism.


Short Sweet Meaningful Hindu Baby Boy Names