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A child of the Kalash people. The Kalash live in the Hindu Kush mountain range and may be descended from Alexander the Great's army. They practice a polytheistic religion, allow men and women to mix freely, and speak a language related to Greek, things which make the Kalash very different from their Muslim neighbors.


Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province with Afghanistan | Portrait of a Kalash girl. The Kalash are a tiny and dwindling community of non-muslims living in two valleys in the Hindu Kush mountains. Their culture and belief system differs drastically from the various ethnic groups surrounding them but is similar to that of the neighboring Nuristanis (Kafirs) in northeast Afghanistan | Image and caption © Sam Seyffert.


Palette of mountains, Tajikistan. The Pamir Mountains are a mountain range in Central Asia formed by the junction of the Himalayas with Tian Shan, Karakoram, Kunlun, and Hindu Kush ranges. They are among the world’s highest mountains, and since Victorian times, they have been known as the "Roof of the World."


Hindu Kush Mountains, AfghanistanCarolina/ Photography by Steve McCurry / Here you can download Steve's FREE PDF Catalog and order PRINTS /


The Hindu Kush, also known as Pāriyātra Parvata, Caucasus Indicus, or Paropamisadae, is an 800km long mountain range that stretches between central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.


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