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Hillary Speech

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19 Examples Of Media Deception

Los medios son mentira.


New leak shows Hillary Clinton exposed national security secrets during paid speech to foreign leaders


Quote by Michelle Obama - When they go low, we go high


LOTS OF EMPTY SEATS AT HILLARY SPEECH: A worn, haggard looking Hillary Clinton…

WikiLeaks release damaging secret info on Hillary Clinton - YouTube

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Hillary Insults Our Intelligence With What She Tried To Hide Before Speech

“Years ago it finally dawned on me: I used to say, and still do, the Democrats and liberals will pass any immigration bill as long as it doesn’t work,” Sessions said.

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The most frightening thing about the recent Wikileaks drop, which included excerpts of Hillary’s paid Wall St. speeches is her excitement over ending the United States as we know it. Hillary is an extreme globalist. She not only embraces the globalist mentality but she actually wants to end the U.S. as we know it and replace it with a “Hemispheric Government.” No wonder Angela Merkel is her “favorite leader.” Hillary wants to turn the United States into Germany – or worse. Hillary said she…