Hillary gets new $600 haircut following release of this week's polls |POLITICALLY INCORRECT CARTOONS

Since she announced her run for presidency, funny Hillary Clinton memes have reached a fever pitch. We've collected the 30 best Hillary Clinton memes around, guaranteed to make you smile.

If Hillary Clinton Wins She Should Not Be.

Former Member Of Bill Clinton Harem Drops A Secret About Hillary That Could Cost Millions Of Votes!

The gun control dolts aren't really for gun control ... just gun control for YOU.  | I'M PERSONALLY GUARDED BY HEAVILY ARMED MEN WITH GUNS BUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SHOULD ONLY BE ARMED WITH PEZ DISPENSERS AND SILLY STRING | image tagged in hillary clinton,gun control,liberal logic | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

The gun control morons aren't really for gun control, they just wanna control you and leave you defenseless.

Let's Get This Over With: Exhausting the Planet Hillary Meme - The Wire. Sooooo creepy.

The Hillary Clinton New York Times Magazine cover is already fast on its way to becoming the most meme-d magazine cover since the last time we meme-d a magazine cover.

Bill Clinton copies Hillary meme in Twitter pic - USA TODAY #BillClinton, #HillaryClinton

Bill Clinton copies Hillary meme in Twitter pic


The whisleblower vs the truth teller. I know who is telling the truth vs the others sending signals to help educate after the fact? Bla-Bla bla--Hillary take your prison seat/ Oops she is up again!