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England's 20 worst learner drivers have attempted the practical test more than 700 times between them, it emerges.

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Extracted from: The Clintons At The White House by Sally Bedell Smith ... Why Hillary Clinton let husband Bill seduce any woman in sight - 01/15/2008. "Anyone who criticised the Clintons, we wanted to know what was in their background and what might be in their closet..." Bill's seductions - Hillary's rage - Billary's committed in their pursuit of political power... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-507762/Why-Hillary-Clinton-let-husband-Bill-seduce-woman-sight.html

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Hillary Clinton has demonstrated her commitment to women's rights throughout her political career. As Secretary of State, she encouraged the empowerment of women around the globe, and she continues to advocate for women's rights through her work with the Clinton Foundation.

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Judge Orders Hillary Clinton to Answer for ‘Home-Brew’ Server Kristinn Taylor Jul 31st, 2015

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WATCHTOWERHillary Clinton Wikileaks Reveal She Ordered Benghazi Video Down From YouTube Or Do They? Hillary Clinton Wikileaks Hillary Clintons Benghazi controversy once again sparked public attention when Wikileaks released a trove of 30322 emails and attachments earlier this week. If you thought Benghazi drama was over think again. Wikileaks has released a new set of e-mails that they claim show Hillary Clintons team contacting Google to remove Innocence of Muslims from YouTube. (Photo by…

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton carries a cup as she arrives to discuss the just-concluded G-8 Foreign Ministers Meeting, at the State Dept. in Washington DC, April 12, 2012. [Reuters Pictures]

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Jack Abramoff Goes Off On Hillary: ‘Most Corrupt Person In History Of United States To Get This Close To The Presidency’

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