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Revenge of the Deplorables

Hillary Clinton lost because she refused to grant the validity of any of Trump's case.

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#ImWithHer #Hillary #HillaryWomen Hillary Clinton has a long history of helping the disadvantaged in America.

from Mail Online

The FIVE FBI cases looking at Hillary Clinton's inner circle

A total of five FBI cases are known to be open against Hillary Clinton's inner circle and their immediate families. Almost all of the senior advisers running her campaign are caught up in the dragnet.

I suspect it's because those men who are attracted to power and the myths of religion are also those most prone to self-doubt and require that women remain subservient to them in order to boost their poor self-image.

from Mail Online

Hillary Clinton's shielded medical gets new scrutiny

Hillary Clinton suffered her first blood clot in 1998, another in 2009, and a third in 2012 that prompted a concussion – as the candidate's health history is coming in for new review following her stumble.