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The greatest girl­power moments of 2016: Hillary Clinton made history No matter what political party you're affiliated with ‐‐ Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Green or in between ‐‐ the fact that Hillary Clinton not only ran for president but was the first female candidate ever to earn a major party's nomination was a huge step for women across the globe. More...

Barack Obama endorsed his former rival Hillary Clinton for U.S. president at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on Wednesday. MORE: Hillary Clinton Becomes First Woman Nominee of Major U.S. Political Party

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Striding into history, Hillary Clinton will become the first woman to top the presidential ticket of a major U.S. political party

Why Hillary Clinton Is Probably Going to Win --The argument for Clinton in 2016 is that she is the candidate of the only major American political party not run by lunatics. There is only one choice for voters who want a president who accepts climate science and rejects voodoo economics, and whose domestic platform would not engineer the largest upward redistribution of resources in American history.

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