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Why are we taught in school then that milk is good for us? well the big companies that are package and provide the milk are the ones paying the government and telling them what we should teach our children. This is so wrong, children and adults should only ever drink the breast milk of their OWN mother and once they're mature they should stop drinking it. So why do we think it's okay to drink the milk from a DIFFERENT SPECIES MOTHER? The only reason a cow produces milk is for her baby calf.

Everything is cool, except for that gay marriage picture. So disgusting!
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29 Unbelievable Photos Of The Human Race


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This makes me so sad, because the first 5 are exactly how poor Sammy sees himself, when in reality he's really that HERO and so much more!


Two children stand at the grave of Simon. Simon the cat is credited with helping save the lives of Royal Navy officers during the Chinese civil war in 1949. He protected food stores from a rat infestation during a siege.