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One of the best to do it. @R.H.Sin If she has high standards. Good. If she has her guard up. Good. That shouldn't scare you off at all. It should prompt you to step your game up and rise to the occasion. A woman that knows her worth won't be easy to get to close to and by no means does this negate her value. She needs to know that she can #Trust you. She needs to know if your words and actions continually line up. It is he that finds a wife that finds a good thing. So fellas if you really…

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Never Apologize For Having High Standards. People Who Really Want To Be In Your Life Will Rise Up To Meet Them

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Don't be afraid to let go of ppl who take you for granted in life or choose to make excuses and blame others for their poor choices. If they can't handle criticism and face the music and grow up, let them go. You are better off without them.

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One of the best I've read, it's too true... Lice your life how you want, choose who you want to spend your time with... And who make you feel good.. And give them it back in is far too short for spending it around those who suck the positivity out of you }pěąčhý

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