High-speed photographs of ink mixing with water by Alberto Seveso

High-Speed Photographs of Ink Dropped into Water: In his ongoing exploration with high-speed photography and colour, Alberto Seveso drops plumes of various inks into water, capturing the organic shapes that form with a high-speed camera.

Stunning High Speed Photography

The stunning art of freezing time: 20 excellent examples of high speed photography

High speed photos of ink dropped in water

High speed photos of ink dropped in water

Chemist and photographer Jon Smith fills light bulbs with unusual objects like chalk dust, candies, sprinkles, or even beer caps, shoots the bulbs with a pellet gun, and captures the moment using high-speed photography.

High-Speed Photography of Light Bulbs Exploding by Jon Smith

Jon Smith - This funky photography series by artist Jon Smith features broken lightbulbs and vibrant colors. Smith fills these lightbulbs with various differen.

Alberto Seveso - I love how the coloured ink in the oil creates shapes that almost look sculptural, and the fact that these are high speed photos captures the beauty of the oil in that split second, which would be impossible to ever create again to look the same.

These Floating Globes of Ink and Oil Look Completely Unreal

I hate Kool-aide by liquid in plastic, via Flickr {high speed photography experiment}

Arrested motion is motion caught in transition. Like here we see the hammer coming down on the glass causing a shatter effect. I like they did this picture with the bold green against the achromatic colors. By Dan Newton called "I hate Kool-aide"

High speed photography gives water new life. Spiraling water is geometric perfection.

Basically high speed photography is a technique of capturing images with a remarkably quick shutter speed and mostly used for the scenes which cannot be seen