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Must know info if you have high blood pressure. 10 biggest sources of sodium #salt #health

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Fat-Free Crispy Potatoes

I’m not usually one for calorie counting or avoiding fat but I have seen a lot of recipes for oil-free fries around and was curious to try it out for myself. I decided to try making my favourite crispy new potatoes recipe but without the fat and with a low sodium option for dieters. I...Read More »

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Top 10 Sodium Foods -

high sodium foods #health #holistic #natural


Reduce blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure and leary of big pharma drugs, learn how to lower blood pressure naturally.

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Foods that Improve Blood Pressure

Your diet plays an important role in blood pressure regulation. While most of us know we should limit our sodium intake, we should also eat foods rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. Eating a wide-ranging diet filled with fruits and vegetables can also help lower blood pressure by providing fiber, nitrates, and unique plant nutrients.


Learn how to manage your heart failure by lifestyle changes. Start with small changes and slowly build up!

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Beginner's Guide to Low-Sodium Eating

If you’re trying to ditch salt from your diet, you’ll find you’re not alone. It’s very common advice given by doctors for the 30% of Americans and the 40% of the global community suffering from high blood pressure. Even though it’s a common diagnosis, high blood pressure is a huge risk factor for heart issues …

480 mg per serving is too high. The Effects of Sodium on your Health and Appearance
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Change Your Salty Ways

480 mg per serving is too high. The Effects of Sodium on your Health and Appearance

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Low-Sodium Food Swaps

Low-Sodium Food Swaps! Keeping mine at 1500 mg a day will be a little easier with these suggestions!


Potassium good in moderation broccoli is also on the high list. Certain medications require a low potassium diet- this chart is helpful as am increase and decrease cheat sheet!