Sight words are an important part of learning to read. Why is that? Like I’ve said before, just the first 100 words on Fry’s High Frequency list make up about 50% of what you read. Now, that’s a lot of words! To do a little sight word review at the end of the school year, … … Continue reading →

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It’s time for the next set of sight word sentence cards! Today, it’s First Grade Sight Word Sentence Cards. The sight words in this list come directly from my level 3 printable sight word lists and include 1st Grade Dolch words and a few select words from Fry’s first 100 high frequency words. You can read …

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HFW PRACTICE! 17 pages of "Snowman Themed" printables for students to read & color. High Frequency Word practice for Literacy centers, Homework, or Intervention. Can be used independently, small group, or whole group.

Popcorn Sight Word game. Write sight words on most cards. Write POP! on only a few cards. If you draw POP! You have to put all your cards back in the bucket.

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Have students work in pairs to complete this fun worksheet. Have each student choose a different colored crayon for this activity. The first student rolls a die and if he/she can read one of the words in that column he/she can color the word. Continue until all high frequency words are colored. The student who reads and colors the most words is the winner! I have included a dice pattern that you can copy on heavy paper to make your own dice for students to use...or you can use regular dice.

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