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Hose’s langur is a relatively small, slim-built primate (5), characterised by a high forehead and a prominent, forward-leaning crest down th...


Tales about the Kraken go all the way back to the 12th century, when sailors in Norway and Iceland first reported a sea creature so massive in size it was often mistaken for an island. According to Norwegian mythology, the Kraken had large eyes the size of dinner plates, a high forehead and tentacles the size of ships.


Blunt tapered fringe with long brown bob. Fringe cut just below brow length, tapered to cheekbone length; boxy to oval face shape, high forehead

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The 15 Best Haircuts With Bangs

Long hair with long fringe, tapered from lash length to cheekbone length or maybe layers all the way down front of hair. Wide face shape, high forehead.


Horned Serpent – a "great horned river serpent with a jewel set into its forehead." Students sorted into Horned Serpent are highly intelligent and scholarly, but also resourceful and look out for one another. The creature is known to be the mind of the witch or wizard. - Comment below if you are a member of the Horned Serpent house

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Cold Cast Bronze White Tara Statue - 10 inches high

White Tara. Tara means “Star” in Sanskrit. She’s a powerful deity who changes colour, offering different energies and virtues to help you on your path. As the White Star, she is the goddess compassionate thought, or enlightenment (see also Green Tara).


The vessel is cylindrical with four notched flanges down the sides, elegantly cast with 'taotie' masks on the foot in high relief with prominent eyes, ears, forehead shield and hooked horns, flanked by dragons with slim S-shaped bodies and dragon heads, the middle section with a band of vertical ribs between bands of confronted birds with curled crests, beaks and tails, and protruding eyes.

françoise hardy. Her fringe is medium-full, tapered from lash length to cheekbone length, usually worn parted. Suits her high forehead and long rectangular face shape.


Chalcidian helmet, 5th - 4th century B.C. Helmet with clearly offset, elongated calotte, steep crown ridge and a pronounced forehead field beneath the gabled brow with a large face cutout. Soldered to the crown a tall, rolled bronze sheet metal, crest holder. On the forehead and the neck guard an eyebolt with a ring for attaching the helmet crest, pointed cheek pieces, 25 cm high, without top piece Private collection, from Hermann Historica auction