Happy National High Five Day! We don't want to leave you hanging, so here's an internet high-five.

10 Types of Palm Smacks for National High Five Day

Positive Reinforcement! It's always easier to get onto a student but forget to reward when they show desired behavior and to reward students that are always good but are often over looked for being so.

understand motivation These little crafts are "high-fives" that you can give to your students. The positive attention and praise provided by the high-fives can work wonders for students motivation.

this one never gets old. I love number 1 and 8 the baseball player one.

15 Worst High Fives in Bro History

15 Reasons Why This Single Mom

15 Reasons Why This Single Mom & Her Son Are The Cutest Family On Vine

cutest thing i have ever seen! - High five for first kiss (original)

Me and my best friend sometimes. CHLOE!!! Talking about you

"I did not slap you. I high fived your face. funny animal memes, animal pictures with captions, funny animals

YES< WE DID IT *high fives other fangirls* see if you ignore this you'll have given me the awkward fist instead of high five but if you like this you'll receive the epic high five and Gaea will choke on dirt....kinda wanna like my own post now. I'm weird.

Not solangelo but this is perfect XD > Viva La Pluto!<<<<My little sister was playing a video on her phone and it said "is Pluto a planet" she said no and I screamed "yes it is!