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How To Quickly Remove Uric Acid Crystallization From Your Body To Prevent Gout And Joint Pain

Folic acid is a man-made (synthetic) form of folate that is found in supplements and is added to fortified foods. This essential nutrient is required ... #nutrition

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Detox - what are the benefits and what should you eat? (Part I

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Alkaline & Acidic foods. (Cancer cannot grow or survive in an alkaline diet. If you eat an acidic food, follow with alkaline)

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Contrary to popular belief, animal milk does not promote strong bones, as the…

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"When the body is acidic, it creates an environment for viruses and bacteria to flourish. The effect is a weakened immune system, frequent illness & infection and is considered part of the underlying disease process. Some of the common conditions related to acidity include osteoporosis, cancer and arthritis. Research shows that the pH of cancer tumors are always acidic but a diet high in alkaline minerals which raises the pH, helps to prevents cancer growth and cell mutation.

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Folic Acid supports cellular growth and regeneration. The lack of Folic Acid may lead to mental conditions such as depression. It allows the body to perform many essential functions, DNA synthesis and repair, red blood cell creation, and prevention of anemia. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is well known for its applications in the prevention of fetal deformities, Alzheimer’s disease, and several types of cancer.

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Printable Blood Pressure Log Download this free blood pressure log in PDF format. Print the form and use it to write down daily blood pressure readings for medical observation.

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Oven-baked red pepper risotto

Oven-baked red pepper risotto...I also add a dash of chopped chillies (or dried) a pinch of garlic and a sliver of sugar(to break down the acidity)

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