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One possible idea to hide a litter tray for a cat. Link description: "Ok so I love my cat dearly but I couldn't take the litter box being exposed in the kitchen any longer! Not only was it an eye sore it just seemed yucky, you know what I mean? I searched online hig..."

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60 Unbelievable under stairs storage space solutions Love the doggie/cat or kid space under the steps!

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Creative DIY Ways to Hide the Litter Box: Finding a good place to keep the box itself is tricky, especially if you live in a small place.

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IKEA Hack: hidden cat litter box made with: Besta, TOFTA doors, and a cat flap

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Living in the Limestone City means there is an abundance of older homes. While these homes are chocked full of character, they also bring challenges to the owners when it comes time to update. Radi...

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We all know cats rule, but their litter boxes can be an eyesore. Get creative with these cool ways to hide and incorporate your kitty's litter box into your home's decor.