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Hiccstrid Fanfiction

Haha. Yes.>>> Hiccup, "Well, I missed dessert a lot as a child." (Turns and walks away slowly. Putting on sunglasses)

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Hiccup with a Toothless tattoo. What if the tattoo was actually Toothless, and Hiccup had a "Soul of a Dragon" Allowing him and Toothless to share a body if wanted??? MUST WRITE FANFICTION OF THIS!

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Mello does it to Matt, who retaliates by shooting him as soon as he gets the power back in his gun.

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He wouldn't move. His body was locked and no one could move him. Whenever they tried, he'd lash out, screaming, and end up injuring himself and anyone near him. In the end, as much as Logan tried to stop them, a guard hit him over the head with an abnormally large rock so he would let go.

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