Hi de hi


Hi-De-Hi! Jeffrey Fairbrother takes a job as entertainment manager at Maplins Holiday Camp where the guests are the last thing on the mind of the staff.


Hi-De-Hi? Ho-De-Ho-No! (or why Butlins hated the fictional Maplins)

Mum had a special love for the programme 'HI DE HI', probably because of her romantic history with Holiday camps!

Hi-De-Hi 1980-1988

Hi-de-Hi! is a BBC television sitcom that was shown on BBC One from 1980 to It is set in Maplins, a fictional holiday camp (take off of Butlins), during 1959 and the early ~ Kathy H

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Kool & The Gang - Hi De Hi Hi De Ho

Hi De Hi Hi De Ho Not gonna let this thing take me I gotta keep on movin' I gotta keep movin' and groovin' So I can get back in the groove, groove, groove, groove, yeah