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If Ryan Gosling could be sitting with me and encouraging me throughout nursing school. Well, I was gonna say that I'd do great. But in reality, I'd be doing absolutely nothing but him :) SEXY white boy!

Hey Girl... Is your name Google?

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off tile and grout Call Ryan or I mean Billy for a FREE tile and grout Demo at

Hahaha...I laughed until I cried....he would have LOVED me today...Ryan Gosling so gets us...  Teachers  Ahh, be still my heart. :-)

I also love funny memes, especially Ryan Gosling "hey girl" teacher memes. And I love laminated stuff.

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Image from: Debbie Does Dallas and Marries the Man of Her Dreams: On Rom Coms & Porn by Malin James Ryan Gosling Hey Girl meme - boyfriend material

Hey Girl, you smell great. What essential oil are you using?

hey girl i know nursing school is hard. i don't mind staying up with you to make coffee - ryan gosling hey girl

The Most Captivating Celebrity Eyes (Men)

The Most Captivating Celebrity Eyes (Men)

No I don't feel better! His eyes are NOT symmetrical. I have ocd, I'm more stressed now than when we started

Love: Ryan Gosling Cheers Up The Single Ladies | YourTango

Still Single? Let Ryan Gosling Cheer You Up

All I need is a man that will appreciate my love of Mexican food :) Or Ryan Gosling. just Ryan Gosling ;

oh i could read these Ryan Gossling posts forever -- what a great laugh -- almost like going to the card store and reading all the funny cards for therapy :) except much sexier mind you.


The Ugly Sweater: Hey Girl . I don't think he could possibly have found ALL of my Michael's receipts. And even if he did -- he still hasn't found the JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby ones.