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((What do you mean it's not canon?))<< i feel like cryign

((What do you mean it's not canon?))<< i feel like cryign

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The love hetalians have are huge. We can accept anything hima draws 33 Nah, MochAmerica is not scary at all...You're right... Not at all....

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I'm always this kind #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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Manga girl <<<This describes me perfectly. I'll really want to talk about something and someone will walk up and ask me if I'm okay. I'll say "Yea" while thinking "Like I'd ever tell you!". Why do I do this to myself?

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SO TRUE! Benedict Cumberbatch, Asa Butterfield, Tom Hiddleston, Matt Smith, David Tennant, need I go on?<<<Thomas Sangster

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Can we just talk about this for a minute. This is from chapter 177 of the Hetalia manga and this shows how kinda jealous Canada and America are of each others personalities! I think this proves many head cannons so SEND IT FORWARD

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*insert depressed Pepe face*

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