LEGO Hero Factory 6293: Furno

Black Friday 2014 LEGO Furno 6293 from LEGO Cyber Monday. Black Friday specials on the season most-wanted Christmas gifts.

LEGO HERO FACTORY Stringer 6282.

Give the villains a noisy reception with STRINGER! Please respond STRINGER! The villains are on the run from the Hero Factory and must be intercepted!

LEGO Hero Factory 2183: Stringer 3.0

Shop LEGO Hero Factory Stringer Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of or more.

LEGO Hero Factory Jet Rocka

Defeat the aliens with LEGO® Hero Factory JET ROCKA’s detachable jetpack with plasma shooters, plasma wingblades, ion engines and more!

Judgement Re-take

Alright, I think this should rectify the previous lack of good-photo-have. Oh, Judgement now has a Brother, by the way.

LEGO Hero Factory 6222: Core Hunter

Keep CORE HUNTER from getting his claws on the heroes and spreading chaos throughout the galaxy!