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Hernando de Soto, a brave leader, a skilled fighter and an excellent strategist, was the first European to discover the Mississippi River. Author Jeff C. Young relates tales of de Soto's bravery—and his brutality—as he set out to make a name for himself exploring Central America and helping fellow Spaniard Francisco Pizarro conquer Peru.

Investigate the legendary life of Hernando DeSoto and his role in Alabama History. "The Search for Hernando De Soto" by John C. Hall, Alabama Heritage, Issue 4, Spring 1987 #alabamahistory


Hernando De Soto began his career in exploration at age 14 when he traveled to the West Indies. Find out how he became known as the first European to discover the Mississippi River in this video.

Hernando de Soto passed on May 21st, 1542 due to a fever. We decided to put his body on the river he discovered. A lot of our men have also passed. We made history boys, farewell. From your new leader of expedition, Luis de Moscoso Alvarado.