Hermione Granger by MaxDaily Everything about this picture is amazing.

So My daughter pointed out that this looks like a young version of my. My husband seen it and agreed. Whoever did this is an Amazing Artist!

I think this is Hermione Granger. Nice drawing btw :) #harrypotter

Drawing Hermione Granger❤ She is so intelligent and beautiful! Omg, i'm really bad at Biology and Physics,unlike her!

Hermione Granger & Ron Weasley; Harry Potter. http://upthehillart.tumblr.com/

In light of candles, Ibis has gold hair and Corrine has dark. But still, nothing as too dark for Corribis. (Original: Hermione x Ron)

PRINTS AVAILABLE ON SOCIETY6 ! * HERE * Finally Hermione is finished ! Now i’ll have to try and draw the 4 other ones… starting with Luna, I think o_o

A perfect Sunday evening: Sitting on a sofa reading a good book with a hot drink. Hermione, by Morgane Velten.

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Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series by J. Rowling with a book and cauldron. Is she making Polyjuice Potion?