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mirelleortega: Apollo Artemis detour by -MirelleOrtega *giggles* My inability to draw cellphone interfaces is legendary. I might upload the picture of the twins alone later on. I just decided this cellphone version was cool because it has more of a story. Tumblr | Blogspot | Deviantart

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Oxen Oxen transporting French heavy artillery during WW1. Oxen were useful in pulling the heaviest equipment.

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Flat-Tracker, Street-Scrambler, Custom-Bobber. Why Retro is the future (for adventure biking).

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Sail of the century: Wally build the ultimate sail yacht

The Italian-built Wally 143 Esense is a supermodel in every respect – graceful, stunningly beautiful and only seen in the company of oligarchs, royalty and A-list celebrities. "Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made."

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The Silodrome Selection

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The Caduceus is an attribute characterizing the two functions of Hermes: a messenger of God associated with the descending phase and also a psychopompos, transporting humans from a state of being to another, through an ascending phase.

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