Sentinel HUB Congress is pulling every dirty trick in the book in this lame duck session. Come help us hold them accountable by joining the Heritage Foundation Sentinel team.

African Fossil Sites: A Paleontology Primer in a Google Map. This documentary, in the form of a Google Map, tracks the African fossil site locations known for the presence of human or animal fossils, or both. Some of the locations, like the one's in South Africa, are so close that unless you zoom in close they look like one site, yet are considered the Cradle of Humankind by the World Heritage Foundation.

#Fellowships | Chemical Heritage Foundation FOCUS: History of #Science AWARD CAP: $60,000 ELIGIBILITY: Graduate students in a range of fields DEADLINE: January 15, 2015

Click Here for The Conservative Alternative to Obamacare At The Heritage Foundation, we are envisioning a health care system where you and your family come first. Our experts in the Center for Health Policy Studies have put together a new paper that explains how these conservative ideas work.

HERITAGE FOUNDATION, REPUBLICANS ARE RACIST: their report baggs on a Senate immigration bill that would legalize the United States’ 11 million unauthorized immigrants and bring in more foreign workers on work visas. Their co-author wrote a paper where he came to the racist conclusion that- The Average IQ of Immigrants in the United States is Substantially Lower Than That of the White Native Population , and the difference is likely to persist over several generations.| Republicans are…

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