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The personal Coat of Arms of Rt. Hon Bishop Count David J. Gagnon, a Hereditary Knight Templar, the Grand Cross Knight of the Temple of Solomon. One of the original orders of the Knights Templar of 1118AD.


Gordon Kraft's Land Claim NORTH AMERICA incl Minerals. My birthplace, and birthdate plus Kraft Family Tree equal Hereditary Knight Commander of the Knights Templar, I hereby claim all rights, titles, lands and minerals of North America. As the grandchild of Charlemagne that would add Europe. Plus Emperor China. Game, Set, Match. Checkmate!


Manderston: Sir James Miller, 2nd Baronet. A Baronet is essentially an hereditary knight. The Miller fortune was made by James's father, who sold herring to the Russians. He also served as ambassador, so he was hardly uncouth. James married an aristocrat after he inherited Manderston, and transformed the house to conform with her lifestyle. Tragically, he died soon after the house was complete. JC

The Grand Duchy of Avram: Order of Avram. The hereditary head of the Order is the Grand Duke of Avram. The order is sometimes known as the Order of the Ankh. This is a Qabalistic Order open to worthy Knights, baronets and peers.

North West Hall: The Duke's Coronation robes and coronet are also on display, as is the baton of the Hereditary Master of the Royal Household in Scotland. The appointment dates from 1461 and the baton is still used today by the Duke for ceremonial occasions.