A 700-year-old Irish hereditary title ended with the death of the last Knight of Glin in County Limerick.

The coat-of-arms of Nitra is among a group of seals from counties whose “hereditary” counts were bishops, and therefore are dominated by a hagiographic theme. The current Coat-of-arms refers to one of several medieval legends surrounding St. Ladislaus, who was King of Hungary in 1077-1095. In this legend, he rescues a princess from the pagan Cumans, a local version of the story of St. George, the patron saint of knights, who saves a princess from a dragon, the embodiment of the devil and…

WALTER FITZ ALAN 1106-1177 was the 1st hereditary High Steward of Scotland and described as "a Norman by culture and by blood a Breton". He was the third son of a Breton knight, ALAN FITZ FLAAD, feudal lord of Oswestry, by his spouse AVELINE, daughter of Ernoulf de Hesdin. 24th G GRANDFATHER

A 700-year-old Irish hereditary title ended with the death of the last Knight of Glin in County Limerick.

Gordon Kraft's Land Claim NORTH AMERICA incl Minerals. My birthplace, and birthdate plus Kraft Family Tree equal Hereditary Knight Commander of the Knights Templar, I hereby claim all rights, titles, lands and minerals of North America. As the grandchild of Charlemagne that would add Europe. Plus Emperor China. Game, Set, Match. Checkmate!

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Lyttelton Family-- (sometimes also spelled Littleton) is a British aristocratic family. Over time, several members of the Lyttelton family were made knights, baronets and peers. Hereditary titles held by the Lyttelton family include the viscountcies of Cobham (since 1889) and Chandos (since 1954), as well as the Lyttelton barony (since 1794) and Lyttelton baronetcy (since 1618). Several other members of the family have also risen to prominence, particularly in the field of cricket.

North West Hall: The Duke's Coronation robes and coronet are also on display, as is the baton of the Hereditary Master of the Royal Household in Scotland. The appointment dates from 1461 and the baton is still used today by the Duke for ceremonial occasions.

Portrait of Hendrik IV of Naaldwijk, Knight and Hereditary Marshall of Holland | anoniem - Europeana

Thomas de Beauchamp, 11th Earl of Warwick depicted in 1347 as one of the 8 mourners attached to the monumental brass of Sir Hugh Hastings (d...

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The personal Coat of Arms of Rt. Hon Bishop Count David J. Gagnon, a Hereditary Knight Templar, the Grand Cross Knight of the Temple of Solomon. One of the original orders of the Knights Templar of 1118AD.

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