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Herding dogs not only require serious physical activity every single day, but they need serious mental activity in order to be really happy. You might be doing a great job of providing plenty of exercise to your herding dog … but if you're not also providing MENTAL work … you're not meeting the needs of your herding dog.

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Jayne Samuel-Walker on

Mum Border Collie With Her Three Puppies: Lesson Number One: "How to be A First Class Herd Dog For Sheep!"


These are working dogs: loyal, intelligent, crafty, herders. Our bordie collie used to herd us when we were kids!!


Great Pyrenees with his little lamb. They are great herding dogs and are great protectors of their little farmin friends :)


The Cardigan Welsh Corgi ~ is a small herding dog that originated in Wales. One of the 5 Best Dogs Breeds for children. || @pattonmelo:


Border Collie / Typical stance when they're getting ready to work, they are a herding dog, there in their best environment when they can 'work' an animal such a ducks, cattle or horses.


Thanks everyone for your views and comments. Some have asked if the picture before this was on a platform or a fence. It's a fence, a wide one, but a fence. Thanks again!