disease & cancer killing properties of breastmilk. For use the next time my inlaws lecture me on the baby's lack of vaccines

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vaccineswork: How vaccines work for a communityEver wondered why people talk about immunisation as being important for a community, as well as for an individual? The effect in question is called herd immunity, and it means that when a group is mostly immunised, those who can’t get vaccinated are much better protected from harm since the disease isn’t as easily passed on.Thanks to Dr Nathan Boostra for reminding us of this great graphic on Twitter!

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HIB vaccine and altering of T1 and T2 could we be sensitizing ourselves into allergy

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if you are in support of vaccinations, read this if you dare. letter about the myth of herd immunity by Dr Blaylock

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Herd immunity - vaccination protects those who cannot be immunized, like those of us with CVID.

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“Herd Immunity.” The flawed science and failures of mass vaccination, Suzanne Humphries, MD

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