Making herbal tinctures is one of the easiest ways to preserve the potency of your herbal harvest. Tinctures made with alcohol and dried herbs have a long shelf life. They can last for decades without a decrease in potency, provided they are protected from light and heat. Tinctures are easy for a beginner to make, yet they are the stand by herbal remedy for professional herbalists.

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Looking for tincture recipes, or how to make herbal tinctures? Try this out if you're into natural home remedies. How to Make An Herbal Tincture Being a homesteader, you should know how to utilize everything around you. In my case, I grow a lot of herbs around the homestead. There are so

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Learning how to make herbal tinctures may seem daunting at first but really is a very simple process. Any aspiring herbalist should learn to make them as soon as possible as they are a valuable way to store and utilize various herbs and come in quite handy in the home apothecary.

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Want to make an herbal tincture? Which of the 3 tincture methods will you use? We're discussing the differences as well as how to choose which is best for your needs.

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