HOUSEPLANTS :: Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum sp.) are hardy succulents that can thrive in indoor temps. CARE: Use broad flat bowls. Spr/Sum: 65-80 deg. w/ high-phosphorus fert. 2x/wk; Aut/Win: 65-75 deg. w/ reg strength fert. Yr-round bright light w/ occasional direct sunlight in summer (More sunlight brings out the red color), use cactus/succulent soil or add sand (& gravel, even) to regular soil for drainage & to mimic natural habitat. Keep soil slightly moist. Let dry btwn watering in…

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Tips and tricks for growing hens and chicks - replanting some of these beauties from my parents!

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Sempervivum faramir, a pink hen-and-chicks. Lovely range of sensual pinks with that focal point of soft garden green

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Teapot succulent planter - Found this teapot at a garage sale and planted some hens & chicks along with some Athoum sedum. I attached the plastic crystals to the inside of the pot by attaching the string with outdoor silicone. After watering, the excess water runs out the spout, so no need for drainage holes. DML 5/2014

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