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Hens And Chicks Plants: How To Grow Hens And Chicks

Growing Hens And Chicks – Using Hen And Chicks In Your Garden

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Growing Hens and Chicks {Succulents}

Tips and tricks for growing hens and chicks - replanting some of these beauties from my parents!

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Best Plants for Rock Gardens

Hens-and-chicks are a lot like potato chips -- you can’t stop with just one. These adorable, ground-hugging plants come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors so they are super collectible. Each plant (the hen) sends out babies (the chicks) on short runners eventually forming a tight mat of pretty foliage.

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7 Easy Spring Planting Ideas from our New Book

Need a quick centerpiece for a patio table? Just show off in a cluster of tightly packed rosettes of hen and chicks (Sempervivum tectorum) in small pots. The plant in the foreground grows in just enough soil to fill a 4-inch nursery pot, with small stones packed around it. The plants get a little gentle irrigation in the summer. DESIGN Tish Treherne. - See more at:


Guide to growing succulents like Hens and Chicks in the garden and growing succulents in containers. These houseplants are easy to propagate, too!

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When to Spray Fruit Trees

HOUSEPLANTS :: Hens & Chicks (Sempervivum sp.) are hardy succulents that can thrive in indoor temps. CARE: Use broad flat bowls. Spr/Sum: 65-80 deg. w/ high-phosphorus fert. 2x/wk; Aut/Win: 65-75 deg. w/ reg strength fert. Yr-round bright light w/ occasional direct sunlight in summer (More sunlight brings out the red color), use cactus/succulent soil or add sand (& gravel, even) to regular soil for drainage & to mimic natural habitat. Keep soil slightly moist. Let dry btwn watering in…


Succulent garden starting plants.


How to plant succulents in a birdcage 4) 4) remove succulents and place in center of cage as desired. Hens & chicks used here. Remove some of the soil to expose the roots. Now place roots thru wire slots from outside, pour some cactus soil in the inside to cover the roots.


How to Plant & Grow Hens and Chicks (Sempervivum) "Sempervivum literally means "live forever" because they grow and propagate so readily. These succulents are called by many names (semps, hens and chicks, houseleeks), but whatever you call them, they are amazing plants."