Super cool!  Charles Brandon played by; HenryCavill The Tudors and HBO series. Tutor era costumes

of Fenswick and probably in n'ern. Glantri (w/fur cloak); in Norwold (Alpha). [Henry Cavill on "The Tudors" season 3 promo shots]

cavill | henry cavill grew up in jersey channel islands jersey is his home but ...

Picture: Henry Cavill on Showtime's 'The Tudors.' Pic is in a photo gallery for Henry Cavill featuring 63 pictures.

Henry Cavill...  He played the Duke of Suffolk on The Tudors.  He's such a hunky monkey...  and he'll be the new Superman.

fuckyeahcavill: “ Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon in ‘The Tudors’. Well, he’s basically the REASON why I watch ‘The Tudors’. ” I’ve just started watching The Tudors, he’s already the highlight of each episode ^_^ “”

Dwimmorlaik, the Captain of Raven's Grey Guard, a company of soldiers specifically for his protection

Medger Cerwyn

My knight in shining armor--Henry Cavill as Charles Brandon, Lord Suffolk - The Tudors

There is just something so hot about the lips peeking out begging for a kiss ~ 19 Of The Most Breathtaking Celebrity Beard Transformations Ever. “A man without a beard is like bread without a crust.”— Lithuanian proverb....

19 Of The Most Breathtaking Celebrity Beard Transformations Ever

Henry Cavill - beard, blue eyes, british accent It must be painful to be this beautiful