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Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr (1902-1985) Republican Senator, U.S.Ambassador, and the 1960 VP nominee. My cousin.

HENRY CABOT LODGE ~ If Woodrow Wilson had one implacable political foe, it was the Senator from Massachusetts, Henry Cabot Lodge. Lodge, heir to a shipping fortune, was a son of two wealthy Boston families - the Cabots and the Lodges. He was a blue-blooded Republican, conservative, not fond of immigrants, and determined to protect the sovereignty of the United States by defeating the League of Nations.

Henry Cabot Lodge - Republican Senator and historian from MA. He was a long-time friend and confidant of Theodore Roosevelt and had the role (but not the official title) of the first Senate Majority Leader. He battled with President Woodrow Wilson in 1919 over the Treaty of Versailles. Lodge demanded Congressional control of declarations of war; Wilson refused and blocked Lodge's move to ratify the treaty with reservations. As a result the United States never joined the League of Nations.

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