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Its a cake – for a hen do. Geddit ? Cluck cluck cluck. henny penny chicken birthday cake


After reading Henny Penny and another point of view, Brainy Bird Saves the Day, we created these puppets and role played both versions of the story. Thank you to, I found the story retelling pieces for Henny Penny. I enlarged the pictures and added popsicle stick! My students loved this activity!


Henny Penny Clipart Set includes all 9 Chicken Little characters + acorn

This Henny Penny (also known as Chicken Little) clipart set includes all 9 characters from the folktale, plus the acorn that started the whole kerfuffle in the first place. The clip art pack includes 10 JPEG color version, 10 JPEG grayscale version and 10 PNG color version illustrations.