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Hesh Mehandi Powder 100G by Hesh. $4.99. Product of India. 100% Henna powder. all natural. 100 grams pack. ideal for hair or palms feet. PRODUCT INFORMATION Hesh Mehandi Powder is natures answer to hair colouring and conditioning worries. Mehandi, being a natural colouring agent, helps beautify the hair within few applications. The product is also a natural coolant and thereby may help to relieve headache when applied on the scalp as a paste. It has been used fo...

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Jamila Henna Powder for Hair Fresh Crop

myHenna.US - Jamila Henna Powder for Hair Fresh Crop, $2.49 (

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How to Choose the Right Henna Powder for Hair

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How to mix henna for hair cool tea recipe and results

There are so many different recipes for mixing henna for hair and I am often asked “what is the right recipe?”. This guide covers my favourite, and the simplest recipe for hair, henna and tea. Henna covers...


1. Pour Henna Powder into a bowl 2. Slowly add warm water, ACV or green tea to your henna powder 3. Allow to sit 3-4 hours for dye release 4. Ready to use! Apply to your hair


Henna recipes for dying almost any hair colour with photographs of real subjects before and after, (follow link) I've never tried using henna before because I wasn't sure how it would turn out on my particular colour of hair. This gives me a better idea.