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My herb and chook area growing beautifully. Climbing rose and grape on chook house. Lavender, daisies and herbs my favourites!

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Laying boxes and sleeping latter. The staggered latter prevents hens from soiling one another while they roost at night in these boards.

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Natural coop disinfectant. Peels from at least 3 oranges in a 2 qt. container. Fill with white vinegar. Let sit 1 month before use. Spray coop after cleaning out all bedding and poop.

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still love this coop - maybe I can add that window to mine, would have to cur a hole in the wall, but it would be worth it.

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How absolutely perfect - just replace the dirt with grass and a few alterations inside and you have the perfect rabbit house and enclosure.

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Look at this! Lovely. They do other wooden structures too, including tree houses.

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