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A Complete Guide On How To Hem Jeans

This is how I do a grow with me hem to my son's pants, instead of cutting off the excess I just tuck it back in, press, and secure with a few tailor's tack stitches. How to Hem Jeans with original hem Find the easy to follow tutorial here:


Alteration: My new favorite way to keep original hem on jeans

Simple and easy way to hem your jeans and keep the original hem. I did this without a sewing machine and still finished in no time...a sewing machine would be nice though :)


DIY: Hem Your Jeans Like A Pro

Hem Jeans Like A Pro! I had no idea I was doing this wrong! The best way to hem your jeans without losing the detail of the bottom hem!


My favorite pin EVER! I tried this and it is so easy and you can hardly tell it is not the original hem. Very clever! From the Tiny Tidbits Blog: How to Hem Jeans like a Professional


How to Reattach an Original Jeans Hem

This is how you shorten your jeans while keeping the original hem! A great trick to reattaching the hem will keep your jeans from looking unfinished:


How to Hem Jeans: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners [Infographic]